Photos: July 2007 to October 2007

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Nice catch, Mommy!   Boy do I need a haircut!
  Wow, that was fast.
  How do I look?
Behind the wheel with Sissy---aaaagh!   At the family reunion with Mommy.   My first haircut with Daddy.   I think I liked it...  
No, I'm not touching this blue thing.
  What?! Crayons aren't food?
  How you doin'?
  Can I have a moment to enjoy my book?
With Daddy at the Aquarium in Baltimore.   I love crayons!   Handsome boy.   Still handsome.  
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!   *Photo taken by Mallory with her Fisher-Price camera.
  I loves me some pizza.
  Happy boy.
Mommy pushing me on the swing.   When baby brothers attack!*   Tearin' up some pizza.   Happy photo.  
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