Photos: December 2006 to June 2007

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Quit.  Squeezing.  Me.   Yes, you.  Can you fill this up for me, please?
  I'm crawlin' here!
  Bear. Naked.
Max gets a big hug from big sister, Mallory.   You, there. With the camera.   Hey!   Max Jacob.  
What's this?
  Does anyone else feel a draft?
  ...and I love it!
  Come closer and I'll show you.
First snow; first sled ride.   Bath time with big sister, Mallory.   Max Jacob takes a bubbly bubble bath...   What am I going to do with this ball?  
Can I be seated at another table?   ...and I can't wait to eat that cake!
  Mother of Pearl--more cake?!?
  ...get your prongs of my loot!
Excuse me.   It's my first birthday...   It's my first birthday party!   Excuse me!  
Can I get a napkin?   And Daddy is in his underwear.
  Look at me!
  ...but I love my Mommy and big sister!
What's that? I have some what on my what?   I'm in my hat!   First steps!   I'm teething and I'm cranky...  
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