Photos: August to November 2006

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Zzzzzzzz.   Yee-haa!
  Are you kidding me with all of these pictures?
  What about it?!?
Max'd out.   At my big Sis' first day of school!   Family photo op at big Sis' first day of school.   Yeah, I love cereal...  
Can you back it up a bit?
  Even Wiggy made it in the photo.
  Wiggy made it in this photo, too.
  Blue forty-three, Blue forty-three, hut, hut, hut!
Hanging with my Dad.   Photo op with Mallory, Grampy and Cousin Nikki.   Photo op with Mallory, Mimi and Cousin Nikki.   Halloween pigskin!  
Hey.  You.  Look at me.   Well, hey!
  Yes, I am always this happy.
  Shhh!  I can't hear her reading.
I like Andrew.   Saucer surprise!   Happy photo.   My big Sis is reading to me.  
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