Photos: April to July 2006

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Hear me roar!   Zzzzzzzz.
  He's the oldest male Cibort and I'm the youngest--very cool!
  Yes, I do this alot.
I am baby Max...   Sleepy peepy.   Hanging with Uncle Eli at his 90th birthday party.   Sleepy peepy,
part II.
Watch the thumb, Sis.
  Yeah, boy!
  One, two, three, four!  Oh, hey, Dad.
  I could totally get used to this.
Me and Mallory, posing for the camera.   Chillin' like a villian.   How many silly things do I see?   Hanging out on the beach...  
Who combed my hair while I was napping?   I can't hold this pose much longer.
  Because Mallory is wet and her hands are cold!
So, um, here's what I need to know...   Me and Mallory, posing for the camera, again.   On the boardwalk with Mom.   Why am I crying in this picture?  
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