Photos: First Week with Max Jacob

Click on each photo to view a larger version.
Fiesty in the first few minutes!   Posing already at 3 minutes old?
  Hey, hey--no peeking at the goods!
  Calm at last.
Welcome to the world, little man!   Ready for the camera?   Yeah, boy...check the scale!   Quiet time with Dad.  
No photos, please.
  I can get used to this.
  Get used to it, Max!
  I could take him.
Close-up shot!   Quiet time with Mom.   A big kiss from big sis.   Five fingers, just like me...  
Zzzzzzzzz.   Zzzzzzzzz.
Getting ready to go home!   Get me outta here already...   At home and all fed...   Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep.  
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