Photos: August 2008 to November 2008

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It's ok, it's ok...   Yawwwwwn.
  I like tummy time.
  My Sissy.
Posing with Sissy.   I hope the photo session is soon over.   Tummy time!   Posing with Sissy (again).  
Do you mind?
  You better watch those trains, Max.
  More gang signs from Matthew.
  Wait...where's my jack o'lantern?
A private moment with Mommy.   Posing on the couch with my big bro and Sissy.   Posing for pictures with Max.   Carving jack o'lanterns.  
Banana!   Trick or treat!
  Who's big?
  So big!
In my Sock Monkey Halloween costume.   My first time trick or treating.   More tummy time with Mommy.   Posing for more pictures.  
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