Baby Chou Chou's Ninth Month

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Lookie here!
  ...and I bill out at $200 an hour.
  Holiday Baby Chou Chou!
  Ho-Ho-Ho! Baby Chou Chou!
I gots teef!   Working from home with Papi...   Who's that under the Christmas tree?   Who's that on Santa's lap?  
I can hardly wait to see what's inside!
  ...all for me!
  ...well, in a bed.
  I am so gonna stretch out the neck on her wife-beater!
What is this?   1, 2, 3 Exploring Tree...   Two peas in a pod...   With Cousin Allie  
Wake-up Baby Chou Chou!
  Woo hoo!
  New Year Baby Chou Chou!
  We're having WHAT for dinner?
Who's that all bright and shiny at 7:00 a.m.?   Dancing with Uncle Jay   Who's that all fuzzy at 12:01 a.m.?   Meal-time Baby Chou Chou  
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