Baby Chou Chou's Seventh Month

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Secret Agent Baby Chou Chou!
  Sweet Baby Chou Chou!
  Playtime Baby Chou Chou!
  Pretty Baby Chou Chou!
Who's that with Mami?   Who's that in her high-chair?   Who's that in her playpen?   Who's that posing for the camera?  
Modeling is hard work.
  It's a pose-off!
  Say cheese!
  Quit pushing, Wiggy!
Tired Baby Chou Chou   Modeling with cousin Tara   On the porch with Mami and Wiggy   On the porch with Wiggy  
Sunny Baby Chou Chou!
  Cozy Baby Chou Chou!
  Daredevil Baby Chou Chou!
  ...Lady Bug Baby Chou Chou!
Who's that on Papi's lap?   Who's that on Aunt Doe's lap?   Who's that driving with no hands on Grammy's lap?   Happy Halloween from...  
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