Baby Chou Chou's Sixth Month

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Happy Baby Chou Chou!
  No more photos, please.
  Hmmmm, I'd like to have THAT house!
Who's that in the walker?   Papi-razzi Baby Chou Chou   First time in the ocean   Pensive Baby Chou Chou  
Hold on to your hat!
  What's in there?
  Bathing beauties.
  See my toes?
Windy Baby Chou Chou   Curious Baby Chou Chou   On the beach with Mami   Flexible Baby Chou Chou  
  Hey everybody, Papi's over here with the camera!
  Can you do this?
Sleeping Baby Chou Chou   Baby Chou Chou's first play date   Baby Chou Chou in her high-chair.   Singing Baby Chou Chou  
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