Baby Chou Chou's Fifth Month

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Hurry up and take the picture before this guy drops me!
  Check my new ride!
  Wiggy, quit breathing on me!
  What, what, what?!?
With Cousin Jared   In her new walker   With Uncle Jay, Aunt Jen and Wiggy   Shocked Baby Chou Chou!  
Muchas smoochas!
  I love Mama.
  I'm ready for my close up!
Getting kisses from Mami   Giving hugs   Covergirl Baby Chou Chou   Sleeping Baby Chou Chou  
Why, yes, i did feed myself.
  I have food on my what, where?
  Thanks for showing me how to use my bouncy chair, Grampy!
Eating with Baby Chou Chou   After dinner with Baby Chou Chou   A private moment with her ladybug   Getting a hand from Grampy  
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