Baby Chou Chou's Fourth Month

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  You wanna go to Pat's for a cheese steak,baby?
  Oops, Pat's is closed.
  Um, Papi, this water is getting warm.
With Cousin Tom in Philly   With Cousin Diane in Philly   More with Cousin Diane   First time in the pool!  
Can I get out now?
  Eeew. Stinky.
  Hey!  This is private.
  How YOU doin?
Still in the pool with Papi   With a sweaty Papi   Nekkid Baby Chou Chou!   Close-up Baby Chou Chou  
Who's big?
  Well, blow me down!
  I'll close the hood, Papi.
Sitting up by herself!   Baby Chou Chou's Popeye arms   Sleeping Baby Chou Chou   At the car show with Papi  
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