Photos: July 2007 to October 2007

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I think Taylor is frozen!   I love the beach!
  Um, there's a giant blue hand in this tube.
  We. Are. Drawing. Here.
At the beach with her friend, Taylor.   Bathing beauty.   Looking unfazed by everything at the Aquarium in Baltimore.   Crayola-is Interruptis.  
Just beautiful.
  They grow up so fast.
  I love Mommy!
  Um, these kids are all small.
Beautiful.   Walking away on the Lily Pond path.   First day of school.   In the wrong line at school.  
This is the coolest outfit ever.
  It's ok. I'll make sure they don't break it.
  ...And every father's worst nightmare.
Mallory's first gymnastics class.   Playing with Max and Cousin Adrian.   Carving a jack-o-lantern with Daddy.   The center of attention with boys...  
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