Photos: January to April 2006

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Say 'Cheese!'   I saw this in 'Cinderella'.
  May I have a ladybug?
  I gots the birthday blues
Posing with Daddy.   Mommy's little helper.   Cousin Nikki painting faces at Mallory's 3rd birthday party.   Playing the harmonica at her 3rd birthday party.  
I love cake!
  Is it time?
  Don't bug me!
  Do you like my sunglasses?
All smiles as the cake is cut.   Waiting for the neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt to start.   Rocker Grrrl.   The big entrance at the big Easter Egg Hunt.  
Where's the candy?
  My very own Easter Egg Hunt!
  Hi, Max!
  High Score!
Finding loot at the Easter Egg Hunt.   Mallory's very own Easter Egg Hunt.   Meeting Max for the first time.   Playing games on the computer.  
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