Baby Chou Chou's Second Month

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ZZZZZZZ.   zzzzzzz.
  Look at that belly.
  What a grip!
Napping with Papi   Napping on Papi   With her Mimi   With Mami, Papi and Mimi  
Yum in the tum!
  Um, yeah...a little crowded here.
  Child, you are heavy!
  Baby Chou Chou!
Being fed by Mami   With her Grammy and cousins Meg and Tara   With her Grammy Frye and Uncle Ken   In her car seat  
Put that tongue back in your mouth!
  Hello, beautiful!
  Super-star Baby Chou Chou.
  Look closely...she's holding the bottle herself.
Cheesing with Mami   Singing with Mami   Who's that with Mami?   Amazing!  
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