Photos: October to December 2005

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Say 'Cheese!'   Two peas in a pod.
  Thelma and Louie.
Swinging with Cousin Tara, Mallory and Cousin Ty-Ty.   Up to no good: Cousin Ty-Ty and Mallory at Hershey Park.   Looking a little too happy with the guns on their ride.   Cousin Ty-Ty and Mallory try to stay out of trouble as Grammy supervises.  
You want me to read to you?
  Bugs on parade.
  A little ladybug.
Mallory reads her Dora book.   Going to the Halloween Parade with Seannie and Cameron.   A rear-view of Mallory's costume.   Riding on Daddy's shoulders at the parade.  
  Merry Christmas!
  Still Wrigely. This wand is broken!
  I see a great new year!
Mallory poses for the camera.   All dressed up for a Christmas party.   Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!   Looking forward to 2006.  
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