Photos: August to October 2005

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Arrrrrrgh!   Wicked!
  Krabby Patty!
At Seaside Heights with Flying Dutchman, Kiki and Mallory.   At Seaside Heights with Kaleigh, Kassidy, Mallory, Kristi and Kiki.   Looking cute in her crabby bathing suit.   A photo op with Grammy and Pappy.  
I stuck!
  Splish splash!
  I see you!
Mallory plays somewhere she shouldn't.   Riding rockets at the Elizabethtown Fair with Cousin Ty-Ty.   A bathing beauty.   Playing in the pool with Daddy.  
Tiny dancer.
  Little fashion plate.
  Budding Picaso.
  Work of art.
Going to her first ballet class.   Mallory poses for the camera.   Painting pumpkins.   The finished product.  
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