Photos: April to July 2005

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Cute and furry.   Happy Mother's Day!
  No, you say ''Cheese!''
  Sitting pretty.
At the Central Park Children's Zoo.   Spending Mother's Day with Mommy.   Photographing the photographer.   At the Prospect Park Playground.  
  Mallory, Cousin Ty-Ty and Cousin Tara.
  Stop, or I'll squirt!
  A headlock.
Milkin' cows at Dutch Wonderland with Cousin Ty-Ty.   A Motley Crew.   Policewoman, Jr.?   Mallory gives Wiggy something nice.  
...and out of the pool!
  Taking it all in.
Down the slide...   Mallory's first wave at Ocean City, NJ.   Mallory's last wave at Ocean City, NJ.   Relaxing on the beach.  
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