Photos: Late October to December 2004

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Smile pretty!
  Dancin' Machine!
  What a face.
  Happy Halloween!
At a wedding with Mami in Queens, NY.   Dancing with some boys at a wedding in Queens, NY.   Winding down with Mami.   How does a bunny go?  
That's Mikey as the Scarecrow and Baby Paige as Dorothy.
  Bubbles! Bubbles!
Halloweenin' with the Conrad Kids.   In Central Park with Mami.   Sittin' pretty in her high chair.   Getting ready for the bubbles at Gymboree.  
  Wri Wri, can you hear me?!
Eating cake with Kaitlin and her third arm.   Getting dressed to go out with Wrigley.   Making Christmas cookies with Mami.   Eating breakfast in Papi's office.  
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